A Trick to Tame Your Bad Writing Habits

MPW - TAME BAD HABITSMy latest epiphany about my writing habits brought me both good news and bad news.

The good news is within the last two weeks I achieved my goal to write 1,400 – 1,5000 words everyday on my novel.

They are ugly and rough, but I still got the bones of my story down on paper. That alone thrills me, but even more so when I realized it totaled to 10,000 new words each week. This doesn’t include additional blog posts, client projects, etc., so woohoo! Yea, me!

The bad news is — you might be making the same mistake, too… [Read more…]

What to Do When You’re Dying to Write, but Life Won’t Let You

mpw - bus stationI was in a bad mood.

I didn’t get enough sleep the night before (turns out, the tea I drank after dinner wasn’t herbal; it had caffeine). It took me hours to fall asleep.

I woke up at 6:15 a.m. after not enough Z’s, drug my arse up to work on my novel a while. I wrote 1,000 ugly, awful words.

That session should’ve satisfied me for the day, but it didn’t. I did something that changed my attitude and helped my writing… [Read more…]

Why Writing is Like Climbing a Mountain

mpw - mountainMy husband and I took a recent trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico. One of the fun activities we did there was to climb Atalaya Mountain.

The trail itself isn’t hard (3.4 miles round trip, with only a few steep spots), but the sudden change in elevation made this Texas girl dizzy at first. My husband marched on, no problem, but I made us stop several times to rest. We got hot and sweaty, then it rained on us and we got cold and tired. I wasn’t sure I could make it the top, then, I had an epiphany to help you and me both…

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Where Do You Seek Writing Advice?

mpw - adviceDo you ever feel lost with your stories, the creative process, or publishing in general? Are you unsure what to do next?

Some days, I worry I’ve taken up permanent residence in the Land of Uncertainty. We may write alone, but we flourish within the community of the right circle of writers.

Where do you seek advice on your plot, your next career move, or navigating social media? When need be…. [Read more…]

How to WRITE Out the Storms of Your Life

mpw - storms of lifeSummer is here and I have two teens home from high school. It’s a blessing and a curse. Although I’m enjoying a different pace, I already miss the chance to sneak in any daytime writing. I’m too busy coordinating their schedules: part-time jobs, online classes, chauffeuring the youngest to all his activities.

I’ve also been doing a lot of contract work lately, too. Another blessing and a curse. Of course, I love the extra cash and my husband is almost giddy about it, but again, that’s even less time to work on novel #5 (second in the Pennies from Burger Heaven series).

There’s a life lesson here for all writers, whether you have kids or not, work outside the home or not, plan to publish or not. In order for your writing to survive during difficult times, you must learn to… [Read more…]

Midyear Writing Slump? Here’s 3 Fixers

mpw - phone boothWe’re officially six months into the New Year and I wanted to check in with your writing aspirations. You know, way back in January, when you were ready to make this year different.

Maybe you called them goals, objectives or intentions and prioritized them in order on a laminated sheet of paper. Maybe you didn’t call them anything special at all, or even bother to write them down. Regardless, here it is June, and… [Read more…]

How to Avoid Loser Writer Syndrome

Loser Writer Syndrome titleWriting the first draft of your story can be both joyous and torturous. I’m on page 21 of my new novel. It’s the follow-up to Pennies from Burger Heaven (still unpublished), so I have book two already plotted. Although it’s nice to know what happens next, the blasted book still needs 75,000 more words! Those first two chapters were not easy to do, but I at least enjoyed myself. I thought, “This book will be different. It’ll be fun!”

When it came time to tackle chapter three, fun went bye-bye. I encountered the dreaded… [Read more…]

How to Find Balance between Your Writing and Building a Platform

coffee mug - finding balanceWow! My post Is Social Media Sucking the Life from Your Writing? seemed to resonate with many of you. Several people left comments, and even more of you emailed me about your struggles. This constant tug-of-war between making time to write and building your platform overwhelms you, drains your creativity and robs you of your enthusiasm for either endeavor.

I’m a curious creature, so I began to search for answers. I decided… [Read more…]

Your Free Gift on Mudpie Writing’s 1st Birthday!

mpw-bday 1 There are many lessons to be learned with writing. So many trials and tribulations only the school of hard knocks can teach you. Writing is work. It’s also a complete joy, but that doesn’t discount the challenges it brings.

I consistently made a particular mistake for about 19 years. I’ve only truly righted this wrong in the past twelve months. Are you making this same error, too? [Read more…]

Is Social Media Sucking the Life from Your Writing?

social-media_0I’ve been hearing a lot of grumbling from writers lately. Many are fairly new to the craft, or are finally getting serious about it, but they feel overwhelmed with the barrage of advice explaining how to build an author platform:

Write the book of your dreams…EVERY. SIX. MONTHS!

Start a blog and post on it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!

Post on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, and pin on Pinterest…MULTIPLE. TIMES. A DAY!

It’s too much.

It’s also…. [Read more…]