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  • Do you STRESS when you write?

  • Do you feel LAZY that you’re not writing enough?

  • Does FEAR freeze you from writing at all?

  • Do you struggle with PERFECTIONISM?

That’s Writer’s Block!

It’s real. It’s painful. It’s ugly. Writer’s Block is part of the creative process, but it can also shut you down. Learn how to overcome Writer’s Block and follow your dreams!

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“Marcy McKay is one of the most dynamic and motivational women I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.” — Linda Castillo, New York Times Bestselling Author (The Kate Burkholder Series). 

Write on Fire Author, Marcy McKay

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“Hi, I’m Marcy McKay, the Energizer Bunny of writers. I’m an award-winning copy-writer, short-story author and freelance journalist. I graduated with a BA in Public Relations from Baylor University (through the Department of Journalism). I’ve completed four novels and had a literary agent for novel #4, but she recently left the biz (I swear I didn’t run her off). Now, I’m looking for a new one.

Writing is such a lonely, solitary process that I created Mudpie Writing so we could fight our creative monsters together. Fiction, nonfiction…I do it all. When it comes to writing, I keep going and going…”



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